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LeCroy 9350AM revisited

Yesterday I got a sort of crazy idea: "What if I could make my oscilloscope hardcopy to email instead of the broken built-in printer?". As it turns out, the LeCroy 93xx series is capable of both accepting remote control commands and dumping hardcopies to the same RS-232-C bus - write 'SCREEN_DUMP' and it will dump it in the same session, pretty sweet. The 93xx series features quite a lot of output formats ranging from BMP and all the way to some odd format called HP 7550 which I assume is before my time - BMP and TIFF sadly taking 40 seconds at 19200 baud to fully process. HP 7550 took around 9 seconds, but after some googling I gave up on that format - it seemed to be very troublesome to get something working with that format. Finally I settled for the compressed TIFF format (12 seconds @ 19200 baud) - the problem was that the file received from the oscilloscope was not something libtiff gladly wanted to process.