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Quick and dirty guide for Ubuntu 10.10 on MacBook Air 2010 (3,1)

EDIT: Much of this is by now done in the ppa:mactel-support - try using it before proceeding to the steps after "End installation" To resolve the broken keyboard error, install hid-apple-dkms Soon after receiving my latest toy I started tinkering with it. Mac OS X is awesome and all, but the power of Linux is really needed for me to be as productive as possible. Anyhow, this is how I managed to create a (very!) nice Ubuntu install alongside of my OS X. Disclaimer: This guide is written with the intent of being read by someone with both Linux and Mac OS X experience. You should also be able to think a bit for yourself if I forgot to mention some minor detail - but please leave a comment if you think you have tried your best and I will probably help you :-) Needed: Ethernet adapter Quirks: Only tested with one partition - no swap.