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Let's make it official

Given that the last post on this blog was a bit more than 2 years ago it should not come as a surprise to anyone; I feel like I have sufficiently scratched the mainframe itch and have moved on to other projects. I have spent the last few months getting all my mainframe equipment into the hands of the next-generation of hobbyists and since a week or so I am now officially sans mainframe. This also means it feels a bit silly to operate a blog or an internet persona around supposedly doing things with mainframes, when I do not own one or participate in projects around them.  Enjoy some parting images from the move.         Image 1: Getting a mainframe down a ramp requires a lot of friends          Image 2: Mainframe loaded and ready to move to its new home I have been thinking about possible other names to rebrand my shenanigans but nothing concrete yet. The current blog will remain here hosted on, for how long I guess time will tell :-). Thanks for reading and following alon