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How-to: Dump all disks on a z/OS system

I've been learning about z/OS and MVS over the last couple of weeks using the Master the Mainframe course and also the highly affordable courses from Interskill. I wanted to build something proper so I built a thing that can backup a full z/OS system to CCKD files (same as what Hercules/Hyperion uses). With the fixes for 64-bit CCKD to Hyperion now merged, and the 64-bit cckddump tooling appears to be in progress, this might come in handy for some folks. This is the CCKDALL JCL: //CCKDALL JOB 1,NOTIFY=&SYSUID //DUMPJCL SET DUMPJCL=&&SYSUID..JCL(CCKDDUMP) //DASDS EXEC PGM=SDSF //ISFOUT DD SYSOUT=* //CMDOUT DD DSN=&&SDSF,DISP=(NEW,PASS,DELETE),SPACE=(CYL,1), // RECFM=FB,LRECL=100 //ISFIN DD * SET CONSOLE BATCH SET DELAY 2 /D U,DASD,,,9999 PRINT FILE CMDOUT ULOG PRINT PRINT CLOSE //* //FMT EXEC PGM=ICETOOL //TOOLMSG DD //DFSMSG DD SYSOUT=* //IN DD DSN=&&SDSF,DISP=(OLD,DELETE,DELETE) //OUT D